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'The easiest way to save energy since switching lightbulbs...'

At Dual Energy we are all about helping SME businesses make simple, real savings. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of our latest innovative 'PowerSave'.

Hassle-free savings, do nothing and reduce your energy usage

PowerSave is a great way to reduce the cost of your monthly bills without changing the way you use your electricity.

By controlling the flow of your supply, we can ensure electrical equipment and machinery only uses what it requires, and therefore runs more efficiently. This means you only pay for what you use and in turn make guaranteed savings.

Reduce the cost of your monthly bills by up to 20% (average is 12%).

Equipment runs more efficiently and lasts longer

Scalable to any SME business electricity supply in the UK

No upfront fee or installation costs, instant return on investment

How 'PowerSave' works

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Electricity supplies in the UK generally push voltage at a higher rate than is required.


The standard rate in the UK is 240V however supplies can push up to 266V.


Customers are paying for energy their equipment cannot use (most European manufactured equipment runs at 220V).


Equipment running at too higher voltage is more prone to early life failure and regular break downs.


Guaranteed Savings

Improved Efficiency

Free Installation

PowerSave is guaranteed to save your business up to 20% of your monthly electricity costs. Average saving is typically 12%.

Save energy through more efficient use of your electricity supply and extend life of your equipment.

Great value solution, no initial setup
cost or installation fee
, instant return on your investment.

Case Study - what customers say...

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Gallimores is a thriving hairdressing & beauty salon serviced by a single phase electrical supply and operates a mixed load of lighting, heating and resistive loads from hair dryers and styling tools.


The owner of the salon identified a problem where equipment was not lasting as long as expected. They also recently replaced the refrigeration unit with an “A” rated appliance and had replaced some lighting with energy efficient fittings.


To further reduce energy costs and overcome the premature failing of equipment, they opted for the light commercial version of PowerSave. The result was very significant with a reduction in electricity consumption by 12.3% and furthermore controlling the supply voltage to the level recommended by the equipment manufacturers.

Installation was carried out within 1 hour during normal working hours and without the need for any major changes in infrastructure.

PowerSave Effect


Electricity Cost Annual Saving

Total Annual Cost Saving


2.15 tons Co2

Carbon Footprint Reduction

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Smarter Renewable Energy

of our energy purchased
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By switching to Dual Energy you will be reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the production of renewable, greener energy.


Find out what PowerSave can do for your business:

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